Another Mighty Theme

Okay, so I’m working on my running blog again. The last version was my first venture with the HTML5 Boilerplate theme from Aaron T. Grogg. It’s a great idea based upon another great idea: Starkers.

Starkers is a stripped down theme with the bare minimum of markup and styles. It’s a working engine with no fancy stuff, and a pretty good starting point. The Boilerplate theme starts with Starkers and adds some cool bells and whistles on the back end. You can check boxes for things like Modernizr, Selectivizr, and a bunch of other handy tools. Even better, it will set up a site-specific JavaScript file for you. It’s a handy theme.

This evening I decided to start again, this time using the 960 Grid System. I was impressed by how easy it was to get started. Last time I tinkered with every little piece of the theme, but this time I wanted to keep it simple. At first I wanted to make no changes to the theme besides CSS, but I really wanted to put the grid in there. So I just started placing container div tags into the pages and started adding my styles to the theme.

It really didn’t take much to shape the content. If you just let the tools do what they do best, you can move pretty quick. It’s a little easier considering that I already have a color scheme and general design, but it’s still progressing nicely. When I’m done with the basic structure, I’ll be adding support for featured images, and maybe add a few canvases to the mix. I’ll bet the canvas could make some neat graphs.