Return of the Old Thing to the New Now

If you have been paying attention to my techie blog for some reason, then you’ll notice that I haven’t written anything there in a long, long time. Well, not so long in terms of a human lifespan, but virtual eons in Internet Time.

This was because I just didn’t have time to keep up with as a blog. I pulled all of it down and replaced it with a simple one-pager. I went about doing various busy life-type things and didn’t think about it much. That is, until I got an email from a guy who found me on Stack Overflow.

He was working with FlexSlider and somebody posted a link to my article in their answer. Apparently my sample slider was exactly what the guy needed. Or rather, it would have been if it had been up on the Internet. Instead he wound up on my new 404 page with no help.

But no worries. If the blog is actually helping people (even just one or two) then it’s worth doing. I’ve merged the whole thing into and I’ve even set up 301 redirects to keep that Stack Overflow page happy. I’ll put more techie stuff here and write about what I’m tinkering with and link to a few fiddles. Maybe it will help somebody else, and maybe it will provide me with more motivation to tinker. In any case, it will give me something to write about other than races.

In closing… holy crap, somebody linked to me on Stack Overflow!