Tinkering with CreateJS

Spin Squares Demo App

I’ve been wanting to make some little something with CreateJS for a while now, but I was always studying things that related to my day-job. Now that the contract is over and I’m looking for a new position, I had a little time to try a little coding exercise. I created a sub-class for the framework’s Shape() class, and I’ve played around with the animation a bit. The results are actually very promising. Have a look at the source code for some details on how it works.

Animating a Solar System with the HTML5 Canvas

Solar System Screencap

Here’s a swanky little bit of animation from the HTML5 Canvas. If you don’t see it, then your browser doesn’t support canvas, which means that you’re using an old version of Internet Explorer. (You should stop doing that.) The goal was to see what I could draw programmatically with the canvas API.

Animating with the HTML5 Canvas Instead of Flash

I finally got a chance to see the real differences between canvas and Flash. I built a neat little solar system animation with the canvas, which you can see here. It’s similar in many ways to something I did in Flash a couple of years ago, so I had some basis for comparing the two. […]

From Flash to Canvas

For a very long time, I tinkered with Flash. I started like most people, with simple animations that were tweened on the timeline. Over time, I moved away from the timeline and started writing class files and making full use of the display list. But these days, Flash has fallen out of fashion. It’s not […]