Managing JavaScript on Resize

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For the past good long while, I’ve been using a throttled function to do various JavaScript chores when the browser fires a resize event. It’s a good way to correct the heights of things or add a class when the window hits a certain size. That’s been fine for a while, but recently I found a need to upgrade things.

The Eventual Decline of Internet Explorer

IE is an old browser.

Recently Google Chrome surpassed Internet Explorer as the most used browser for an entire week. It’s sparked a bit of debate over the accuracy of the numbers, but it’s still a significant event. It’s an indication of an eventual truth that everyone knows about, even if some don’t want to admit it. Internet Explorer is […]

Animating with the HTML5 Canvas Instead of Flash

I finally got a chance to see the real differences between canvas and Flash. I built a neat little solar system animation with the canvas, which you can see here. It’s similar in many ways to something I did in Flash a couple of years ago, so I had some basis for comparing the two. […]

Another Mighty Theme

Okay, so I’m working on my running blog again. The last version was my first venture with the HTML5 Boilerplate theme from Aaron T. Grogg. It’s a great idea based upon another great idea: Starkers. Starkers is a stripped down theme with the bare minimum of markup and styles. It’s a working engine with no […]

From Flash to Canvas

For a very long time, I tinkered with Flash. I started like most people, with simple animations that were tweened on the timeline. Over time, I moved away from the timeline and started writing class files and making full use of the display list. But these days, Flash has fallen out of fashion. It’s not […]