Energizer Hat Light Saves the Day

Energizer Hat Light

Recently I’ve been whining complaining about the traffic around my sister’s place. Broad River Road is one of the most runner-unfriendly roads in the city, so running towards town is a good way to get killed by a hit-and-run driver. It’s also poorly maintained, so running away from town is a good way to turn […]

66. Governor’s Cup Half Marathon, 2011

66. Governor’s Cup Half Marathon, 2011

Time once again for the Governor’s Cup. It starts at the Statehouse and winds through Columbia. Cara and I have been really busy with the move up north coming up, so we didn’t get a chance to train properly. Still, we had signed up for the half and we were determined to make a good […]

Old Navy is Good to Runners

Awesome Socks from Old Navy

I went for a quick 4-miler this morning to see if I could somehow salvage an early-morning running route from around my sister’s place. The bad news is that it didn’t work. Before sunrise it’s pitch black with few street lights and there are too many chances to turn an ankle. The good news is that I am now in love with Old Navy.

65. Dash to the Vista 5K, 2011

65. Dash to the Vista 5K, 2011

This was a small race before a small festival in the Vista. (The Vista is a little business area in Columbia, SC.) Thanks to this week’s rain, the morning was filled with cool fog. When the sun came out, the fog started burning away, leaving behind about a half-hour of super-humid armpit air. That’s when […]

Brand New Chafe Point. Awesome.

Brand New Chaffe Point

I went out for my weekly 10-mile run today. I had big plans at first. I was going to zig-zag around town until I reached about 8 miles or so, then head back to the apartment. This takes quite a bit of willpower, because you’re never more than two miles from home. If you get lazy after four miles, you can wimp out.

64. See Spot Run, 2011

64. See Spot Run, 2011

This was another 5K held in Columbia, this time to benefit the Humane Society. Dogs were welcome since pets were the focus of the event. Although Dublin can’t run 5K yet, we were excited to check it out. After all, Cara is in favor of anything that helps dogs.

National Not-Running Day… Almost

Brian with coffee at the office.

I was checking a friend’s blog this morning and found out that today is National Running Day. Awesome. (Note: I used my lunch hour to zip home and crank out a quick 2-miler! I did celebrate the day!)