52. Boston Run to Remember, 2010

52. Boston Run to Remember, 2010

I was having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after my first New England Winter, so I set a clear goal for myself. I would run another half-marathon in under two hours. At the very least, I would finish it without walking. At the most, I would train my way out of my Fatboy Jeans again, and this time I would burn them.

Boston Marathon 2010: From the Sidelines

Boston Marathon 2010: From the Sidelines

My first Boston Marathon was just as I had expected… I was there as a spectator. Among other things, I discovered that my camera’s battery is going south, I am still unable to dress for the unpredictable Boston weather, and I need a new digital camera with a better pixel-count.

80 degrees and sunshine? Sounds just like home!

I was up and ready this morning for a quick 5K run before work… and then I checked the weather again. I knew a warm day was coming, but 80 degrees is just too much to pass up. It’s going to feel like South Carolina again! I’ll be working through the warmest part of the […]

Recovery Day

So yesterday I went out on Sea Street again for another 10K run. After two consecutive days of it, I was pretty pooped. Lucky I took Cara’s advice and applied some sunblock, though. Handy stuff. The after-effects really took me back to last year, when I was preparing for the Montreal Marathon. Run all day, […]

Dublin in Boston, Running in Quincy.

I was planning to run along the Charles River again, but Cara wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather by taking Dublin out somewhere. I thought I could combine everything by taking them both to the park in the… it’s the Esplanade, right? Anyway, they would hang out and enjoy the weather, and I […]

My first run along the Charles River

Rowing team.

I’ve been working up near Fenway and I kept hearing about the Charles River, so I decided to check it out. Thursday is a late day, so there would still be people around after my shift was over. I finished up at 5pm, hit the Men’s Room to change clothes, and ran down the hill […]

My own little Bridge Run

The bad news: No bridge and my Nikon’s batteries ran out just when I wanted to use it. The good news: I saw Quincy Bay as I ran on Sea Street, and I had taken my phone with me in case I needed the GPS. (New route.) Even better, my body held up better than […]