87. ZombiesRun Virtual Race 10K, Fall 2016

87. ZombiesRun Virtual Race 10K, Fall 2016

Time for the 10K event in the ZombiesRun Fall 2016 Race! Just like last time, there are two leaderboards and two sets of results. There’s access to Rofflenet and training missions and everything else that we had last time, plus a few improvements to the website.

Mayans and Zombies

Zombies behind me.

Obviously, I can’t let the World end without getting one last run in. And since the Mayans were a bit vague on the type of apocalypse we can look forward to, I sort of had to pick one. Once again, I fired up Zombies, Run and hoped for the best. So far, I’m a little […]

Escaping the MOBs in Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

I have this friend named Theresa. When she’s not texting all of her friends and family about how awesome I am, she writes her own stuff and runs around town. She’s actually much faster than I am, but she typically gets caught by zombies. Today I’d like to share my secret for not getting bitten by the undead.

Running from Zombies Every Morning

Zombies, Run! logo

Lately I’ve been running from zombies every morning to gather supplies for a small settlement of post-apocalyptic survivors. I know, it sounds like more crazy talk. No surprises there, but I’m serious about the zombies. They’re virtually wheezing down my neck me every morning. And of course, like any reasonable person, I’ve been running away.