WordPress Shortcodes Outside the Loop.

First of all, here’s the PHP code: There. Hopefully that showed up in the Google excerpt. (I hate when the useful stuff is buried deep down on the page.) What you’re looking at is a handy solution to a particular kind of problem. As I’ve written before, shortcodes can be a mixed blessing. On the […]

The Yin and Yang of Embeds and Shortcodes

I’ve been blogging since before it was called blogging, but I always ran into the same problem. Before I discovered the wonders of a CMS, I kept reaching a sort of critical mass where maintaining the site became a progressively difficult problem. Each time I would go back and redesign everything, and some of the […]

From Flash to Canvas

For a very long time, I tinkered with Flash. I started like most people, with simple animations that were tweened on the timeline. Over time, I moved away from the timeline and started writing class files and making full use of the display list. But these days, Flash has fallen out of fashion. It’s not […]