96. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Halloween 2020, 5K

I’ve been a bit bummed out about not running in regular races these days, but COVID-19 has me sold on virtual races. It’s going to be a long time before I’m comfortable in a crowd again, so I’m glad to have the ZombiesRun app available. We’ve been pretty lucky throughout the pandemic. We sold our […]

Politilist: Playing with Congressional Data

I’ve often found myself wondering when a particular senator is up for re-election, or what party an obscure member of the House is from. So I looked around and found an API from ProPublica. Then I made a list.

95. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Spring 2020, 5K

If you can believe it, this is the tenth virtual race for “Zombies, Run!” and the quality has been consistent all the way. With COVID-19 locking us down, this format is far better than having a bunch of people gather in one place and send their perspiration everywhere.

94. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Halloween 2019, 5K

Another hit from Six to Start and their Zombies Run app. This time, Runner 5 goes into a cursed carnival. Acting and writing are fantastic, as always. The race packet had an extra-special set of goodies this time. Since there’s a fortune teller in the story, you get tarot cards with character portraits. The photo […]

93. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Spring 2019, 5K

How can you not love zombies on a train? This one is about a fancy new super-fast train that was taking its first batch of passengers as the Zombie Apocalypse begins. It’s a bit of a bummer in a way, because it shows a society that was making some really cool advances in science and […]

92. ZombiesRun Virtual Race, Halloween 2018, 5K

This one takes place on Tomorrow Island, and it’s kind of a sci-fi twist on The Most Dangerous Game, which I think every series needs to do at least once. As usual, the acting and writing are fantastic. The whole thing is well worth the entry fee. Full disclosure: I’m writing these in November of […]

Making a Promise Chain

I was late to the game with JavaScript promises, but I’m onboard now. Let’s talk about promises a little bit and see if we can make things clearer for future reference.

Using Deferred Objects to Counter Threading Problems

Recently at work I had to work out some logic to make absolutely sure that some code didn’t run until all of the JavaScript files were loaded. I’d like to share the solution with you just in case you need it, or more likely when I need it as a reference down the road. However it lands, here we go…

85. Bath Rotary 4-Way 5K, 2016

Between farmers’ markets and overtime at my day job, I’ve almost given up on doing races. Sometimes we get lucky, though. I happened to have a Saturday free, and there was a race just a few blocks from my house. If I could get home to change and register within a half-hour, I was good to go.