60. Get to the Green 5K, 2011

Brian at the Flowertown Festival Run, 2011

This race was fun for two reasons. First, it took place on the morning of Columbia’s St. Pat’s festival. Second, (and most importantly) it was just down the hill from our apartment. Since we live less than a mile from Five Points, it was a simple matter for Cara and I to walk to and from the race. Our plan was to go home afterward, have a nice breakfast with my friend Todd and then head down for the festival.

About the Race

It was a pretty sweet deal, really. Registration included admission to the festival, so lots of local runners participated. I mean, lots. There were over 2100 registrations. The folks at Strictly Running did an excellent job keeping things organized. They never seemed to be overwhelmed by the size of the crowd.

It started on Blossom Street at Saluda Avenue, heading into Shandon for a while before looping back to Devine Street. Overall, it was a pretty nice little neighborhood run. The crowd was too heavy to make it a good PR race, though. Things were tight for almost half the race. I was okay in the crowd, but Cara complained about people bumping into her and stepping on her feet. (But to be fair, they do that in any crowd. It’s like she’s an invisible magnet, or something.)

  • Brian – Start Time: 25:41, Chip Time: 25:16
  • Cara – Start Time: 32:38, Chip Time: 31:33

Waiting for Cara While She Waits for Me

I tried to get a picture of Cara crossing the Finish Line, but the Strictly Running people ran me out of the area. The crowd was pretty big, and they probably didn’t want amateurs taking pics right next to their professional photographers. I stepped to the other side of the line to look for a new angle to shoot from, and of course that’s exactly when she finished.

I waited for her to finish while she wandered around looking for me.  I was just beginning to worry about her when she finally appeared behind me with a bottle of water and an angry expression. On the bright side, we had an easy walk home. We were cleaned up and ready when Todd arrived for the special brunch Cara was preparing, and we all went down the hill to the festival. Good times.

Vids and Pics

As usual, feel free to download any pics that you find yourself in. If Flickr gives you any trouble, just send an email and I’ll correct the license permissions.