75. Irish Road Rover 5K, 2013

This 5K race was sponsored in part by our local Irish pub, Brian Boru. It started at the bar and did an out-and-back route through Portland, Maine. The weather was nicer than expected, and the people were great. Oh, and I took far too many pictures. In fact, I took over 200 photos with my iPhone that I shaved down to 40. Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s not like I can waste film in a digital camera.

Older Phone Fiddler

Most of the details are in the photo captions, so I’ll just go over the highlights. First of all, this was a cheap race. It cost us $15 per registration where other races would have cost $30. Of course, this means that you don’t get a shirt unless you’re in the first 250 to register. Cara was a bit upset about that, but I understood. Shirts are a big investment for a small race. Luckily, they had shirts to spare at the end, so we bought a couple… for $15 each. So in the end this race cost us the same as others, and included a shirt.

The temperature was pretty good for running, although it we were a bit cold from standing around before the race. There was one set of timing mats at the end, and the results were posted on the outside wall of Brian Boru quickly after the race.

One thing I want to mention was the water. I didn’t see any water stations, but the organizers made sure that everyone had water at the end. Which is far better than our first race in Portland.

So at the end of the day… it was a pretty good event.