11. July 4 Cross Country Run, 2007

July 4 Cross Country Run, 2007

I have this calendar from the 2006 Cooper River Bridge Run. It’s wonderful, and I can’t wait to receive the next one. It has all of the local running events in it. Everything from the Resolution Run to the Reindeer Run, all through the year. Usually there’s the event name and maybe some other information. This time, it just said “to be announced” and had a phone number.

Needless to say, I kept forgetting to call and on July third I still had no idea where or if anything was happening. No worries, though. I checked online and found the information on active.com. It was all there. 8am on John’s Island, at some place called Trophy Lakes. John’s Island is south of Charleston. Well, southwest really… it’s further down along the coast. It’s not really an island in the classical sense. It’s just a piece of the coast with rivers cutting around it.

It was a first-time event, hence the lack of advertising. In fact, the organizer said that only 48 people had pre-registered. It walked right up to the table, paid my fee and collected my shirt, just like that. When the event finally started, it was led by the same guy who led the Riverdog 5K Run. (He was on a bicycle again, of course.) I think it’s the guy who owns The Extra Mile running shop on King Street.

Anyway, the course was wonderful. The light was pretty harsh and my old digital camera is starting to develop some personality, but I kept some of the “bad” photos. After all, I only have one photo of the clock when I finished! I added two seconds the time it displayed, since it took that long to cross the line after the photo.

As an added bonus, I took some video footage a few minutes after I finished. Enjoy.