7. Laura Griffin Memorial Run, 2007

Cool Angle Shot

This race is a memorial for Laura Griffin, who used to work at the College of Charleston a few years back. She was the Director of the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention until she was killed in a hit-and-run on the Battery in January of 1996. Laura was apparently a big proponent of healthy living, So the folks at the college decided to honor her memory with a 5K race. I participated in the tenth anniversary race, so it was pretty special.

Now, to be fair, I just love these races. I’m not really concerned with the cause or the themes. I tend to think of the course, the availability of a parking space, and how much it will cost me to enter. Still, it’s nice to know that the entry fee is going to something nice. The proceeds for this event help fund student scholarships and a fellowship in Laura’s name. Plus, it’s still kind of personal for the staff and faculty at the college who were around back in the 90’s.

Warmup Runners
There were folks warming up within a block or so of Registration.
Definitely His Husky
Dogs really CAN look like their owners! In this particular case, they both seem to wear it well.
Pre-Race Coffee
I waited for this guy’s coffee to kick in and improve his disposition, but it never happened. The blue shirts you see on some of the people is the official race shirt for this year. It’s a long-sleeve shirt this time. Nice.

Not Him Again… I Guess Men Really ARE Pigs.

That poor sap in the Giant Pig costume showed up again. Here he is trying to entertain some of the young ladies who were waiting for the event to start. I think they are on some sort of team at their school.

The Pig Flirts with the Girls
This is either creepy or totally normal, depending upon the age of the guy in the suit.


Big Smile Before the Race

And here I am without my coffee in yet another pre-race photo.

This 5K run was pretty standard, although it was further into the Downtown area and didn’t take me near the water. I enjoyed the slight change, though. I don’t want these events to become a routine, and yet… in a way I do. It’s nice to really know the course before you run it, but it’s also nice to see new things.

The only interesting thing to report is that I saw Monica again. Her husband was there as well, just like last time, but his name escapes me. I’m not usually very good with names until I use them a few times, but it still bugs me that I can’t remember his. Monica’s name stuck because she and her husband are both trainers and she had given me her card. Next time I see him I’m going to write it down…

Over all, this was a fun race. I’m looking forward to next year.