How I Got Started with Gulp

Recently I decided to start the inevitable move from (extremely useful) apps like Codekit and MAMP to Gulp. I’m not an expert yet, but I managed to find some good resources for setting things up as well as some solutions for common troubles. I’m posting this as a reference rather than a tutorial.

Document Fragments and jQuery and Star Trek

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m a big-time Star Trek fan. I’m especially interested in the original series, and some of my favorite content comes from an old role-playing game from a company called FASA in the 1980’s. The game had an extensive timeline of events, and I’ve always wanted an easier way to read through it. Since I grew up to be a web developer, the obvious choice is to build an app!

Multiple JSON Data Sources for AngularJS

If you have more than one data source for your AngularJS app, then you’ll need them all completed before the thing runs. Although this is a common problem, solutions can be hard to find on the Unhelpful Interwebs. But don’t worry, I promise we can solve it.

Great Northeastern War, 2015

Lots of my friends are at Pennsic right now, or are perhaps stuck at Troll with no hope of getting in before they starve. (Yes, even though they got there early.) It’s a bummer that I can’t go this year, so I’m going to cheer myself up by sharing some photos from Great Northeastern War. I was a merchant for the very first time!

Event Delegation without jQuery

Today we’re going to listen to some buttons from a parent element, and we’re not going to use jQuery. We’re going to use vanilla JavaScript. I still love me some jQuery, of course, but we don’t gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript unless we dig into it a little bit and let go of our favorite tools.

Managing JavaScript on Resize

For the past good long while, I’ve been using a throttled function to do various JavaScript chores when the browser fires a resize event. It’s a good way to correct the heights of things or add a class when the window hits a certain size. That’s been fine for a while, but recently I found a need to upgrade things.

Understanding Flickr Photo Size Suffixes

When I built the image galleries for this site, I had to get cozy with Flickr’s developer API. There are a few gotchas in there, so I thought it would be nice to save someone else a few minutes of headache and just post some answers. Today’s gotcha involves the way Flickr’s image suffixes work.

79. Jimmy the Greek’s Maine Mall 5K, 2015

This race is kind of special, because it’s the only one in New England that I’ve done three times. In Charleston this was common, but since then I’ve moved a bunch of times and just didn’t have the roots required to be a regular anywhere. This lovely race is a confirmation that I am now a permanent Mainer.

Puggle in Spring

Spring was slow to take hold, but the snow banks have finally accepted the fact that they are unwanted and unloved. They’re melting away and it’s almost time to start running with my puggle every day. She’s already had a couple of runs this Spring already, but it wasn’t a regular thing. The first time […]