72. Downtown 10K, 2012

Haven’t done this one since their first race in 2009. I was hoping that it had grown a bit since then, but it appears to be about the same size. One thing was different, though… this time the registration process seemed to be a little off. And by that, I mean “extremely murky.”

70. Run for Empowerment, 2012

It’s time for another Run for Empowerment! I did this one back in 2009 when I lived in Burlington the first time. It’s a fun romp along the bike path, and it benefits Women Helping Battered Women. And for the first time ever, I got to run as the Living Embodiment of Evil. Good times! […]

69. GMAA Equinox Trail Race, 2012

This was race number 69. heh heh… Anyway, it was in Charlotte, VT. (Pronounced Shar-LOT in Veromont.) It was a trail run out in the boonies, but it was a really nice day. There were only two problems. First, the previous day’s rain created some muddy spots. Second, Cara hadn’t trained up. Her job is pretty […]

59. Flowertown Festival Run, 2011

This was the last race I did before moving to New England in 2009. In fact, I left that day. So now that I’m back in the area, it was especially important not to miss it. Many of my Charleston peeps are regulars at the Flowertown race, so I was looking forward to a few reunions.

47. Downtown 10K, 2009

There won’t be many footraces after this point since Winter is on the way, so I was excited to find out about an event right here in downtown Burlington. The downtown 10K is less than a mile from my apartment, so how could I pass it up?

45. Run for Empowerment, 2009

I had forgotten about this one until the day before, when a customer at work mentioned it in passing. One advantage of leaving Starbucks is having Saturdays off, so I made quick plans to run in the event. I never suspected that I would score a sweet new personal record in the process!

42. Flowertown Festival Run, 2009

This race was special for a couple of reasons. First, it was the last one I would run in as a Charleston resident. Second, it was the first race Maurice Davis participated in since his stroke in December. He did the 1-mile Fun Run.

32. James Island Connector Run, 2008

The James Island Connector, as I’ve said before, is a pretty simple race. You just run up Calhoun Street for a couple of blocks and then you’re on the bridge. There are three different hills on the Connector, ranging in horror from mild annoyance to some of us, to heartache for those who are a bit less experienced.

22. Cooper River Bridge Run, 2008

Another year, another Cooper River Bridge Run. This year was different because I wasn’t running alone. My friend Ron drove down to Charleston for his very first 10K race, so I went a little slower so I could stick with him. After all, it would be kind of rude to invite him to Charleston and then leave him behind in a crowd of thousands.