76. Jimmy the Greeks Maine Mall 5K, 2013

To put it mildly, this race was a mess. It started late because the police coverage wasn’t squared away, the course was problematic, and an error from the lead vehicle made a wrong turn that cut a mile from the route. I’ve never seen a race go this badly.

75. Irish Road Rover 5K, 2013

This 5K race was sponsored in part by our local Irish pub, Brian Boru. It started at the bar and did an out-and-back route through Portland, Maine. The weather was nicer than expected, and the people were great. Oh, and I took far too many pictures.

73. Chase Away 5K, 2012

This was a special race for us. The Chase Away 5K benefits an organization that fights canine cancer, so of course we thought of my in-laws’ dog Socrates. We lost him this year to cancer. This 5K was Cara’s way of giving him a bit of a send-off.

71. Pirate 5k Run, 2012

Any race at the Waterfront is an obvious choice for us, especially when there’s a pirate theme. Our friend Misty parked at our place and we walked down there together. It was a fun race overall, but there were a few issues with how it was organized. Mainly the price and the shabby online registration process.

68. 5K for Vermont HOBY, 2012

Lately the weather has been easing up, so I started looking around for my first race of the season. Back in Charleston, the “season” is actually more like 11 months, but in Vermont its a bit shorter. After looking around on Active.com, I found two really small races for this weekend. The one I chose […]

67. Reindeer Run, 2011

The Reindeer run is a can’t-miss event for the Holy City, with all sorts of costumes and decorations on people and dogs. (Especially on dogs.) It starts downtown at Southend Brewery, sweeping through the city and along the Battery before returning. It might be the most enjoyable race in town. I was doing this one […]

65. Dash to the Vista 5K, 2011

This was a small race before a small festival in the Vista. (The Vista is a little business area in Columbia, SC.) Thanks to this week’s rain, the morning was filled with cool fog. When the sun came out, the fog started burning away, leaving behind about a half-hour of super-humid armpit air. That’s when […]

64. See Spot Run, 2011

This was another 5K held in Columbia, this time to benefit the Humane Society. Dogs were welcome since pets were the focus of the event. Although Dublin can’t run 5K yet, we were excited to check it out. After all, Cara is in favor of anything that helps dogs.

63. Jailbreak 5K, 2011

The Jailbreak 5K is a small 5K in Lexington SC, organized by the Sheriff’s Department. Strictly Running handled the clock, so things were pretty organized. They were also pretty humid.

51. Marine Corps Honor Run, 2010

Okay, it’s time for Race 51: The Marine Core Honor Run. This one is is meant to recognize the contributions of peeps in the Marine Corps and in law enforcement. They give out scholarships and bonds to the children of said peeps, so it’s yet another run race for a warm and fuzzy cause.

50. Chasing the Cure 5K for PLGA and HIV, 2010

There were two races I could have chosen for my 50th race. One was at an elementary school two miles from my apartment, and the other was on the Esplanade along the Charles River. I chose the more scenic because I like running along the water and I thought it would be a larger, grander operation. As it turned out, I may have had that last part backwards.

48. St. Patrick’s Day 5K Road Race, 2010

My first race in Boston was also my first race of 2010. I was hoping for something a little less flooded, but I’ll take what I can get after my first New England Winter. With the snow and ice and the refreezing ice and the dogs refusal to go out because the snow is taller than he is… well, the truth is that I haven’t done much. Time to change that.

44. Girls on the Run, 2009

I’ve done a few of these races, right? I mean, this is race 44, for crying out loud. You would think that I would have it all figured out by now. You would think that it’s all a simple routine to me, and that I could do these things blindfolded. Certainly I should be well beyond all of the silly rookie mistakes, right? Well… um… I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.