43. Mutt Strutt, 2009

It had to happen eventually. Things warmed up enough for me to try out a running event in Vermont. Oh, I’ve seen people running around since I got here, but I’m not frost-resistant yet, so I tend to think of them as crazy people.

41. LifePoint Gift of Life Run, 2009

Never done this one before, but it’s the last 5K I had access to before the big move to Vermont. I couldn’t pass it up. This event promotes organ donation, and even had some people speaking about it at the award ceremony. A donor’s mother and a recipient, to be specific. It was kind of cool.

37. Laura Griffin Memorial Run, 2009

Another January rolls around without seeming to leave any space between it and the last one, and another cold morning finds me on George Street waiting for the Laura Griffin Memorial Run to start.

36. Resolution Run, 2009

Once again I started the New Year with a running event: the Resolution Run at Joe Riley Stadium. It was held on the 3rd this time so that it would fall upon a Saturday.

34. Turkey Day Run, 2008

Back again for the Turkey Day Run. This run is kind of special, because it happens on an actual holiday. Thanksgiving Day, every year.

31. Race for the Cure, 2008

This was my third year in the Charleston, South Carolina Race for the Cure. I looked at my other two races before writing this article, and I’m a little disappointed that this year’s weather didn’t match up with those.

28. Daniel Island Twilight Series 2008, Part 4

Finally, we’ve reached the fourth and final race of the Daniel Island Series. I didn’t have too many ambitions about this race. I wanted to finish strong, but I had pulled a muscle at the previous race. I worked on it, though. By the time of this race I was back into my longer runs.

27. Daniel Island Twilight Series 2008, Part 3

Time for the third race in the Daniel Island Series. I was concerned about this race much more than the others. I had been entertaining thoughts of beating my Personal Record at each race, since the first two went so well. However, the first race had rain and the second wasn’t as hot as I had feared. Things like that tend to help a guy out.

24. July 4 Cross Country Run, 2008

I’ve wanted to move to another part of the country for a while now, but this year I actually have the means to do it. As a result, these races are just a little bit more special to me. I may not be here next year to run down the list again. With that in mind, I find myself searching for more than just another race or another clock-time.

23. Run Forrest Run, 2008

First of all, I seem to be guilty of not reading my own articles. I knew that I would see some of my former co-workers at this race because Coburg Dairy is one of the sponsors. Upon arrival I found Robert Garret at the Coburg table, and one of his first questions was why I didn’t call him up for a free registration.

19. Laura Griffin Memorial Run, 2008

This is a special race for those of us who work at the College of Charleston. In the past year I’ve become more involved with life on campus, and I’ve gotten to know many staffers in many departments, from the School of Business to the Physical Plant. I wasn’t around when we lost Laura, but […]

18. Resolution Run, 2008

Another year, another bunch of people promising to exercise. Right. Whatever. Some of us really do exercise, however. The familiar faces are starting to add up. For instance, I saw Monica again. She seems to be at all the races these days, although her husband John is recovering from knee surgery and can’t participate for a while. (Must be driving him nuts!)