Birthday Escape

My 41st birthday included a movie, the beach, Captain America and a loose dog running in circles around me. It also left me a bit tired and ready to crash at the end of it, which I suppose is normal. I took the day off in the hope of having the best birthday present a […]

Does 40 Mean Anything?

I woke up Monday morning, and I was 40 years old. My phone already had updates from insomniac friends wishing me a happy birthday, and our new puppy was already trying to eat my wife’s hair. So far, aside from the Facebook stuff, it’s just like yesterday. But is there anything else to it? Should […]

Running, Heatwaves and Being 38.

Well, it happened. I turned 38. Lots of famous and/or important people have done it. Scientists. Engineers. Strom Thurmond, at some point. (According to legend.)