A Few Words About Boston

I lived in Boston for a while. During my time there I ran around town, participated in races and even stood near the Finish Line at the Boston Marathon. I still have friends there. So it was more than a little disturbing when I found out about the bombings.

From Quincy to Boston

On Saturday I did something I’ve been planning for a good while. Whenever I do a long run, I wind up within spitting distance of Boston before I turn back towards home. For once, why not just run all the way into town? Ten miles could put me right in the middle of it, and […]

52. Boston Run to Remember, 2010

I was having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after my first New England Winter, so I set a clear goal for myself. I would run another half-marathon in under two hours. At the very least, I would finish it without walking. At the most, I would train my way out of my Fatboy Jeans again, and this time I would burn them.

51. Marine Corps Honor Run, 2010

Okay, it’s time for Race 51: The Marine Core Honor Run. This one is is meant to recognize the contributions of peeps in the Marine Corps and in law enforcement. They give out scholarships and bonds to the children of said peeps, so it’s yet another run race for a warm and fuzzy cause.

50. Chasing the Cure 5K for PLGA and HIV, 2010

There were two races I could have chosen for my 50th race. One was at an elementary school two miles from my apartment, and the other was on the Esplanade along the Charles River. I chose the more scenic because I like running along the water and I thought it would be a larger, grander operation. As it turned out, I may have had that last part backwards.

Boston Marathon 2010: From the Sidelines

My first Boston Marathon was just as I had expected… I was there as a spectator. Among other things, I discovered that my camera’s battery is going south, I am still unable to dress for the unpredictable Boston weather, and I need a new digital camera with a better pixel-count.