Private Bridge Run with the Wife

We couldn’t make it to the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston this year, so we ran our own little 10K here in Portland. I was originally going to do this on my own, but Cara guessed my plan and volunteered to join me. She got a little more than she expected, though. The wind was murder.

22. Cooper River Bridge Run, 2008

Another year, another Cooper River Bridge Run. This year was different because I wasn’t running alone. My friend Ron drove down to Charleston for his very first 10K race, so I went a little slower so I could stick with him. After all, it would be kind of rude to invite him to Charleston and then leave him behind in a crowd of thousands.

9. Cooper River Bridge Run, 2007

March 31, 2007 was the day of the 30th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run, and I was right there in the middle of it. This year I had more trouble with the crowds, and it shows in my times when compared with last year. That’s okay, though. Unless you’re a professional runner, this event is more for fun than anything else.

1. Cooper River Bridge Run, 2005

I was looking over the list of my articles, and I noticed that I was exactly one race short of a complete race history. I was missing my first official race: The 2005 Cooper River Bridge Run. So here I am, writing this article in October of 2007. Better late than never, I suppose.