24. July 4 Cross Country Run, 2008

I’ve wanted to move to another part of the country for a while now, but this year I actually have the means to do it. As a result, these races are just a little bit more special to me. I may not be here next year to run down the list again. With that in mind, I find myself searching for more than just another race or another clock-time.

11. July 4 Cross Country Run, 2007

July 4 Cross Country Run, 2007

I have this calendar from the 2006 Cooper River Bridge Run. It’s wonderful, and I can’t wait to receive the next one. It has all of the local running events in it. Everything from the Resolution Run to the Reindeer Run, all through the year. Usually there’s the event name and maybe some other information. This time, it just said “to be announced” and had a phone number.