37. Laura Griffin Memorial Run, 2009

Another January rolls around without seeming to leave any space between it and the last one, and another cold morning finds me on George Street waiting for the Laura Griffin Memorial Run to start.

19. Laura Griffin Memorial Run, 2008

This is a special race for those of us who work at the College of Charleston. In the past year I’ve become more involved with life on campus, and I’ve gotten to know many staffers in many departments, from the School of Business to the Physical Plant. I wasn’t around when we lost Laura, but […]

7. Laura Griffin Memorial Run, 2007

This race is a memorial for Laura Griffin, who used to work at the College of Charleston a few years back. She was the Director of the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention until she was killed in a hit-and-run on the Battery in January of 1996. Laura was apparently a big proponent of healthy living, So the folks at the college decided to honor her memory with a 5K race.