A Few Words About Boston

I lived in Boston for a while. During my time there I ran around town, participated in races and even stood near the Finish Line at the Boston Marathon. I still have friends there. So it was more than a little disturbing when I found out about the bombings.

Boston Marathon 2010: From the Sidelines

My first Boston Marathon was just as I had expected… I was there as a spectator. Among other things, I discovered that my camera’s battery is going south, I am still unable to dress for the unpredictable Boston weather, and I need a new digital camera with a better pixel-count.

46. Montréal Marathon, 2009

I recently completed my second marathon. A single marathon is plenty of accomplishment for anybody, of course. The sensible thing would be to declare victory and go back to your regular existence. It’s just not that easy, though. Something about the experience draws a person back into the mix. This time the event was held in Montréal, and the weather was better than I could have hoped for.