36. Resolution Run, 2009

Once again I started the New Year with a running event: the Resolution Run at Joe Riley Stadium. It was held on the 3rd this time so that it would fall upon a Saturday.

18. Resolution Run, 2008

Another year, another bunch of people promising to exercise. Right. Whatever. Some of us really do exercise, however. The familiar faces are starting to add up. For instance, I saw Monica again. She seems to be at all the races these days, although her husband John is recovering from knee surgery and can’t participate for a while. (Must be driving him nuts!)

6. Resolution Run, 2007

Happy New Year, everyone. I’ve done enough of these races to become part of the local running community. Information just sort of floats to me now about where and when the races are. It’s pretty cool. As with the other races, there are many different kinds of people involved, and people have individual goals for their times and performance.