Now We Live in Maine

It may come as a surprise to you, but we moved again. Yes, yes, I know. We had just gotten to Burlington this past January, so why a sudden move to Portland, Maine? More to the point, why do we move so much in the first place? Well, there are several reasons. But the main […]

69. GMAA Equinox Trail Race, 2012

This was race number 69. heh heh… Anyway, it was in Charlotte, VT. (Pronounced Shar-LOT in Veromont.) It was a trail run out in the boonies, but it was a really nice day. There were only two problems. First, the previous day’s rain created some muddy spots. Second, Cara hadn’t trained up. Her job is pretty […]

58. Make My Day 12K, 2011

I’ve run quite a few races, so it’s not often that I get to do something for the very first time. This one was held in Harbison State Forest, and it was my very first trail run… ever. I’ve run through the woods, but it was always on flat ground. This one was an actual trail, with tree roots and everything.