Running from Zombies Every Morning

Lately I’ve been running from zombies every morning to gather supplies for a small settlement of post-apocalyptic survivors. I know, it sounds like more crazy talk. No surprises there, but I’m serious about the zombies. They’re virtually wheezing down my neck me every morning. And of course, like any reasonable person, I’ve been running away.

Tough Guy War Stories

As a runner, some of my proudest moments involve adverse conditions. Rain, wind, snow and other things that Mother Nature dishes out become prized trophies in the memory of any serious runner. Just as old soldiers compare scars, runners compare stories about going outside in horrible weather.

Preparation and Vigilance

I was up early this morning. I mean, really early. It was supposed to be 5am, but it sort of turned into 5:45am. Still, I was out the door a little after 6am. Everything seemed to be going just fine.

Thanksgiving Slouchery

I normally run a 5K on Thanksgiving, but Cara and I have already done a Turkey-themed race this month and we didn’t want to shell out another $30 per person. Instead, we just slept in a bit so we can be ready to host Thanksgiving.

Test Run for the Governor’s Cup

moved back to South Carolina recently, and it threw a bit of a wrench into my training habits. I’m working from home now, so my “commute” is just from the kitchen to our office. That’s wonderful, of course, but it takes some of the sting out of getting up in the morning. There’s no time pressure anymore, and I need to adjust for that.

From Quincy to Boston

On Saturday I did something I’ve been planning for a good while. Whenever I do a long run, I wind up within spitting distance of Boston before I turn back towards home. For once, why not just run all the way into town? Ten miles could put me right in the middle of it, and […]

In the rain and on the beach

Yesterday I opted for an afternoon run instead of my usual 5:30am routine. I’d like to say that I was just changing things up a bit, but the truth is that it was my 37th birthday and I just didn’t want to get up early.

14 miles and a pair of vampire bites.

My long run was moved up to this morning because our Sunday is filled up with a company cookout and a rock concert. Since I might have to skip tomorrow, I decided to crank the distance up a bit. The weather was pretty nice and I felt great, so I wasn’t expecting any trouble.