Spring but Not Really

I’ve done a little… okay, a lot of complaining lately about the weather. It’s cold, it’s dark, I can’t feel my fingers, my nostrils are frozen, blah, blah, blah. But now that we’re officially into Spring, it’s still cold, and will probably remain so forever.

Weather Wimp Resurfaced

Screenshot of my phone's weather app.

I’ve been rather proud of myself lately, considering the harsh conditions I’ve run in. I shivered, I shook, I wore spikes on my feet and a face cover on my… face. And for all that, I still have a bit of weather wimp in my personality. Case in point: this morning.

New Years and Shoe Spikes

My new STABILicers

I wanted to get out there for New Year’s Day, but there was an awful lot of snow on the ground from recent storms. Rather than just blow it off, I decided to break out some nifty toys that I picked up in Freeport. They’re shoe spikes like the ones I had before, but far more serious. In fact, I’m sure I’ll see them in an action movie at some point.

Burlington Winter Festival

Burlington Winter Festival

There was a little festival this weekend down on Church Street. The action was going to happen later in the day, but I got there a bit early. Cara was asked to work on her day off, so I walked down with her. On the way back, I got to see some of the ice […]

All Kinds of Weather

Duct Tape Winter Shoes

It’s been a couple of weeks since I moved back to Burlington, Vermont. It seems longer, of course. Since returning, I’ve seen temperatures below zero. I’ve had my handy Carhartt and some other gear, so I was prepared. Strangely enough, I seem to be a better New Englander than Cara is. I mean, I actually like […]

This Year’s First Real Winter Run

I can’t believe it’s really been this long since I’ve gone running, but there really has been a lot going on. We recently moved back up to Burlington, Vermont, so Winter is now spelled with a capital “W”. Unlike South Carolina, Winter is a very real thing in New England. Down south, I would just […]