90. ZombiesRun VR, Halloween 2017

ZombiesRun Halloween VR 2017 poster

Okay, so… it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. That’s a cliche and I’m sorry to the four of you who still read these posts, but I gots reasons.

87. ZombiesRun Virtual Race 10K, Fall 2016

87. ZombiesRun Virtual Race 10K, Fall 2016

Time for the 10K event in the ZombiesRun Fall 2016 Race! Just like last time, there are two leaderboards and two sets of results. There’s access to Rofflenet and training missions and everything else that we had last time, plus a few improvements to the website.

85. Bath Rotary 4-Way 5K, 2016

85. Bath Rotary 4-Way 5K, 2016

Between farmers’ markets and overtime at my day job, I’ve almost given up on doing races. Sometimes we get lucky, though. I happened to have a Saturday free, and there was a race just a few blocks from my house. If I could get home to change and register within a half-hour, I was good to go.

How I Got Started with Gulp

Gulp Logo

Recently I decided to start the inevitable move from (extremely useful) apps like Codekit and MAMP to Gulp. I’m not an expert yet, but I managed to find some good resources for setting things up as well as some solutions for common troubles. I’m posting this as a reference rather than a tutorial.

Document Fragments and jQuery and Star Trek

Scotty in The Naked Time

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m a big-time Star Trek fan. I’m especially interested in the original series, and some of my favorite content comes from an old role-playing game from a company called FASA in the 1980’s. The game had an extensive timeline of events, and I’ve always wanted an easier way to read through it. Since I grew up to be a web developer, the obvious choice is to build an app!

Multiple JSON Data Sources for AngularJS

AngularJS logo

If you have more than one data source for your AngularJS app, then you’ll need them all completed before the thing runs. Although this is a common problem, solutions can be hard to find on the Unhelpful Interwebs. But don’t worry, I promise we can solve it.